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Volume Campaigns

As you may know, SM Tasker has 3 types of campaigns and if you are looking to publish on hundreds of walls, groups, and pages/boards, you choose Volume Campaign.

(Insert a screenshot of Add new campaign button)

When to use a Volume Campaign?

The main difference between a Standard and Volume Campaign is that the latter has Publishing Delays which makes it ideal for publishing on a huge number of destinations (walls, groups, and pages/boards) each day without setting up specific timers for posts.

To start your Volume campaign, go to Campaigns, click “Add Campaign” and click the “Add Volume Campaign” button.

Similar to Standard Campaign, the Volume Campaign has 7 tabs too:

(Insert a screenshot of the Volume campaign’s tabs)

How to create a post in Volume Campaign – Quick Guide

1. Go to the What to Publish tab and you’ll see several sub-tabs: Add Posts, Flickr/Pinterest Posts, RSS Posts, Monitor Folders, Clickable Image Posts, and Share Posts.

(Insert a screenshot of the What to publish sub-tabs)

2. Select the method you want for creating your post.  For this guide, we will just choose to manually create our post via the ‘Add Posts’ tab.

3. Simply add your post message in the provided message box, and add an image or video by clicking the camera or video icon below the message box.

4. When you have your post message and image or video attached to the message, you can click on the ‘Add to Posts List’ button, and the post will be transferred to the Posts List tab where it will wait to be published.

(Insert a screenshot of the Add posts – how to add the post)

5. Select a destination for your post via the Where to Publish tab and schedule when the post will go out via the When To Publish tab before starting the campaign through the Overview tab.

(Insert a screenshot of the Where to publish tab)

*When to Publish tab

(Insert a screenshot of the When to publish tab)

1. Maximum number of Posts List items per day – based on the sample image above, the campaign will publish 5 posts from the Posts List tab

2. Publish a Post List item on all selected destinations – when checked, SM Tasker will post each post to all selected destinations.  For instance, if you have 100 groups selected in your destination list, each post of the 5 posts scheduled that particular day will be published to 100 groups, hence the campaign will send out a total of 500 posts per day.

✅ You can uncheck that box if you don’t want to post on all selected destinations, when unchecked it will look like the image below and you can set it to how many random destinations will receive the post.

(Insert a screenshot of the Publish a post list item on all selected destinations option unchecked)

3. Add random sleep time while publishing – this option will make the campaign sleep between x and y minutes after sending between x and y posts.

4. Campaign Start/End date – from here, you can specify when the campaign will start publishing and when it would stop publishing.  It will not publish before and after the specified dates regardless if all days of the week are enabled.

5. Publishing Delay –  this is the amount of time (in seconds) that the campaign will wait before publishing the same post to a new destination.

💡 We suggest a delay of 300 seconds or 5 minutes per posting.

6. Days of the week when to operate – check the days when you want SM Tasker to post posts based on your campaign settings. If a day is unchecked, the campaign will not publish a post on that day.

7. Set the in-between hours when the campaign is going to publish the posts.

✅ You can choose to rotate the days and SM Tasker would pick the equivalent number of days you have initially selected; the selection is random and you have the option to exclude weekends in the variation in case you want do not want to publish a post on weekends.

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