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What To Publish tab


This is one of the most important tabs in a campaign. Of course, where would you add the posts to be published if not for the What to Publish tab? This tab is available for all three types of Campaigns. You may add the posts manually or have them automatically extracted from certain sources.

For a Scheduled Campaign, you only have 3 ways of adding a post:

(insert screenshot here)

While for both Standard and Volume Campaigns, there are several methods for adding a post such as:

(insert screenshot here)

The Add Posts sub-tab

The first method of adding a post is used when you want to manually create your post. Aside from that, this is also the sub-tab where you can add posts in bulk via an import file.

(insert screenshot here)

1. Add the message to your post through the provided message text box.

2. Next, you can opt to add an image*/video (*for Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Reddit only) to your post

3. Adding a title to your post is mandatory when publishing to LinkedIn groups, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, and YouTube videos.

4. You may also add tokens, add emojis, and if you are using spin syntax, you may use the spin editor or check your spin syntax.

5. When are done creating your post, you can send them to the Posts List tab

6. You can also send it to theDrafts tab for future editing

7. If you have a list of posts you have prepared ahead of time or you want to add a bunch of posts at the same time, there is an option to add them in bulk.  There are four ways of adding posts in bulk: Add Multiple Text Posts, Add Multiple Image Posts, Import Text Posts From a File, and Import Posts From a CSV file.

  • ADD MULTIPLE TEXT POSTS: Once clicked, a pop-up window will appear and you can add texts for your multiple posts in the texts fields and attach pictures or a video as we explained above, once you finish setting up all your posts click ‘OK’ and the posts will be added to your “Posts List” tab.
  • ADD MULTIPLE IMAGE POSTS: Once clicked a pop-up window will appear and you will need to either upload the images from your computer or add them from URLs, after you type the URL click ‘Add Images from URL’ and wait until the images are scraped and shown in the ‘Attachments:’ field and then click ‘Add Photos’ and a pop-up window will appear with those images where you can add text to your posts, once you finish setting up all your posts click ‘OK’  and the posts will be added to your “Posts List” tab.
  • IMPORT TEXT POSTS FROM FILE: With this option, you can import posts from a text file, just use a series of 5 # ( ##### ) as a post separator. Posts that already exist in the Post Queue (with the exact same text) will not be added. The text file should look like the below image
  • IMPORT POSTS FROM CSV: This option will allow you to import posts from a CSV file, please go to the Posts List tab > Show Advanced View > click on Export Posts as CSV to see the file sample.

Once the posts are in thePosts List tab, just set up the Where To Publish and When To Publish tabs and start your campaign and SM Tasker will start posting your posts at specified times.

The Scrape Posts sub-tab

For this option, you can scrape posts from four sources: Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. All you need to do is to enter the post URLs depending on which social platform would you like to scrape from and SM Tasker will do the extraction for you.

(insert screenshot here)

The URLs you entered will be listed in the table below. Each time you add a source URL, 5 sample posts are extracted and sent to the “Drafts” tab. You have the option to send extracted posts directly to the “Posts List” tab should you prefer it that way.

📌 Note that the extraction will work only if the campaign is ‘Started’

(insert screenshot here)

The RSS Posts sub-tab

You can use this tab to extract posts from your website using an RSS feed.  This method of adding a post will save you a lot of time as you can let your campaign extract posts as you add them to your website.

(insert screenshot here)

  1. Just add your Feed URL
  2. Set up your Feed Template
  3. Click the ‘Add Feed’ button. Your feed will show up in the provided table below.

📌 Make sure to click ‘START’ under the Actions column and that your campaign starts extracting posts from your RSS feed.

(insert screenshot here)

📌 You may double-check your RSS feed’s validity via

The Monitor Folders sub-tab

(insert screenshot here)

You can use this option to extract images from a specific folder automatically.

  1. First, click ‘Browse’ and choose the folder containing your images
  2. Next, fill out the Post Template field with the information you want SM Tasker to use as a text for your posts
  3. Then tick the ‘Create posts from videos inside the folder’ checkbox if you want to extract videos as well
  4. Lastly, click ‘Add Folder’ and your folder will be added as shown below.

(insert screenshot here)

📌 Click ‘Start’ under the Actions column and SM Tasker will start extracting posts from your folder and make sure that the campaign is started as well. As you can see, you can also set it to extract images from subfolders by putting a check on the ‘Also extract from subfolders’ box.

(insert screenshot here)

The Clickable Image Post sub-tab

Use this option if you want to publish a clickable image post to your profiles (on supported destinations)

(insert screenshot here)

  1. Add a message to your post via the provided text box
  2. Next, think of a title for your clickable image post
  3. You can upload images to Imgur, Flickr and other similar image hosting sites then get the Image URL and add it to the assigned area; it will be used as the clickable image for the post.  You can add multiple image URLs and use spintax
  4. Next, indicate your Promoted URL, the site where your clickable image will re-direct
  5. While adding a URL Description is optional, we highly suggest that you add relevant information there
  6. When you are done, you can send it to the Posts List
  7. You may also send it to Drafts for future editing

💡 Things to remember:

    • To publish a clickable image post, you will need to add an intermediary server in the designated area via “Settings > Connectivity > Global clickable image post servers”
    • To learn more about how you can set up your own Intermediary servers, please check the following topic: How To Set Up Clickable Image Post Servers.

The Share Post sub-tab

You can use this option if you want to share your Facebook/LinkedIn Page posts to other pages, groups, or walls. This is a good strategy to promote your page and boost your reach.

(insert screenshot here)

There are several ways of adding a post via Share Post:

  1. The first way you can add a post via Share Post is to specify the permalink of your Page posts
  2. After you’ve added the Page post URL, click “ADD POSTS”
  3. The second way of adding your page post is to import from a file
  4. The third way is by adding your Facebook/LinkedIn Page URL
  5. Next, set up the number of posts you want to be extracted per operation and in around how many minutes exactly
  6. Finally, click the “ADD PAGE” button

Once the page is added it will look like this:

(insert screenshot here)

📌 Make sure to click “START” under the “ACTIONS” column and that the campaign is started in order for SM Tasker to extract posts and add them to the “Posts List” tab.

The Flickr Posts sub-tab

Through this method of adding a post, you can extract posts from either Flickr or Pinterest. If you want to extract images from Flickr make sure that you set a Flickr API KEY in Settings > Connectivity and add the keyword you want to extract images using.

You can also extract posts from Pinterest based on keywords and post URLs.  In addition, you can extract posts based on the number of likes and repins that the post received.

(insert screenshot here)


By utilizing the What to Publish tab, you can efficiently add posts to your SM Tasker campaign, which will save time and make your posting process more organized. After adding posts, simply set up the “Where To Publish” and “When To Publish” tabs to start the campaign, and SM Tasker will publish the posts at your specified time and dates.

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