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When To Publish tab

When you are done creating your post and have selected where to post it, the next thing you need to do is to set when that post will get published.  And you do this through the When To Publish tab of the campaign.

The When To Publish tab controls the general behavior of the Campaign and it is only available for Standard and Volume Campaigns.  For the Scheduled Campaign, you need to add an individual publishing timer for each post.

When to publish the post?

It is very important to know when is the best time to publish your content for optimum reach and better engagement from your target audience.   And once you have decided when you want the campaign to start posting your content, just go to your Campaign > When To Publish tab.

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When To Publish – Settings

For this walkthrough, we will look into the settings available on a Standard Campaign.  Note that most settings here work the same way in Volume Campaigns.

There are different options available that allow you to customize the publishing behavior of the campaign.  But the very first option you see under Settings has prime control.

Number of posts to publish each day

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  • This is where you set the number of posts that the campaign will publish per day within the x-y hours you have specified.
  • For each number of posts, a publishing timer gets created. (ex. You chose to publish 3 posts, you’ll get 3 publishing timers)
  • Each publishing timer is randomly selected between the specified x-y hours.
  • You can choose to make it fully automatic and let SM Tasker select the publishing time for each post or you can set an exact time for each publishing timer.

Secondary Options

1. Specify posting interval for each timer

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As mentioned earlier, for each number of posts you set the campaign to publish, a publishing timer is created.  And these timers are randomly selected between X-Y.  But if you want each timer to get selected within specific hours, you can enable the option to specify a posting interval for each timer.

After checking the said option, you will see additional timers where you can indicate the Start and End of the intervals (in red highlights).

2. Randomize publishing timers each day

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Whether you opted to edit each timer to your preference or leave it as it is, the publishing timers will remain whatever you’ve left them to be.

However, if you wish to post at varying hours each day, you can choose to Randomize the publishing timers.  Each day, a random time will be selected between X-Y and will be used as the publishing timers for that day.

📌 Please note that you cannot enable the options ‘Specify posting interval for each timer’ and ‘Randomize publishing timers’ at the same time as they contradict each other’s purpose.

3. Randomize number of posts each day

(insert screenshot here)

When you set the campaign to publish NP (number of posts) each day, it will always use this number the entire time the campaign is running.  But if you want to have varying NP, you can choose to ‘Randomize the number of posts each day.

If you had this enabled in your campaign, it will randomly select between A and B and use that as the NP (number of posts) for that particular day.

4. Publish a Posts List item on all selected destinations

  • If this option is unchecked, the campaign will publish on all selected destinations for each of the publishing timers.

✅ Example:  There are 4 destinations and 4 publishing timers, on each timer, the same post will be published on those 4 destinations.  Thus, at the end of the day, the campaign would have published a total of 16 posts (4 x 4).

  • However, if you want to limit the campaign to post on a specific number of destination/s per publishing timer, you can uncheck this option and set the number of destinations that will receive and publish that specific post.
💡 This option is quite handy if you want to publish a unique post to a specific number of destination/s per publishing timer.

5. Wait around N seconds before publishing the same Post List item on a new destination

  • You can set the N seconds that the campaign will wait before it starts publishing the same post on another destination.
  • You may also opt to apply the delay independently for each account.

6. Days of the week when to operate

  • Select the days when the campaign will publish the posts.
  • You can choose to rotate the days to make it random and emulate a more human-like behavior.
💡 On rotating days, SM Tasker would pick the equivalent number of days you have initially selected. The selection is random and you have the option to exclude weekends in the variation in case you don’t want to post on Saturdays and Sundays.

Advanced Settings

7. Add random sleep time while publishing

  • Enable this option if you want the campaign to pause for x-y minutes after it has been published between a certain number of posts.
  • This will allow the campaign to rest before starting a new operation to make the posting actions more natural.

8. Campaign has a start/end date

  • This option allows you to set up the exact date and time when our campaign will start as well as cease to publish.

9. Force random timers to sync with Social Exchange sessions

  • If the accounts included in the destination list for this campaign are used in the Social Exchange tool (accounts that will receive actions), you can utilize this option to maximize the said tool’s performance by forcing the campaign to publish just before a new session/s starts and start receiving actions.
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