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Youtube Comment Tool

Having a good amount of subscribers and views as well as a high retention rate will not mean much if your video doesn’t have good engagement. If your video has many comments, YouTube will rank your video higher in their search engine.

In addition to that, comments can also increase video authority and encourage social interaction.

Provided you have multiple YouTube accounts, you can leave comments on your own channels or leave comments on videos in your niche using the YouTube Comment tool.  This will help in promoting your own website or channel.

Automate YouTube Comments in SM Tasker

To start using the Comment tool on your YouTube account, navigate to Tools tab, click the YouTube account where you want to use the tool then click on the Comment tool from the left panel sub-menu

The Comment tool tab has four sub-tabs: Settings, Sources, Extracted Videos and Results.


(Screenshot showing how to find the Comment tool Settings tab)


Settings tab:

In the Settings tab, you can program the general behavior of the tool.  It has three sections: Run Timers, Comments Limits, and Setting.

Run Timers


(Screenshot showing the run timers section)


1. Wait time before each new operation

  • This is the number of minutes you want the tool to wait before executing a new comment operation.

2. Comment between X and Y posts per operation

  • Set the number of videos you want to comment on per operation. In each operation, SM Tasker will randomly pick a number between these values and use it as the number of actions for that operation.

3. Execute between HH: MM and HH: MM

  • Indicate the execution time of the tool.

4. Add random sleep time

  • By checking this option, you will allow the tool to rest after it has executed X operations. Again, a random number of minutes will be selected for each “rest time”.

5. Days of the week when to operate.

  • Select the days (check the day/s) you want the tool to execute.

✅ If you check the option “Rotate Days”, SM Tasker will use the same number of days you have initially selected and rotate them.

Example: You selected Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  On the following week, SM Tasker will pick a new set of 3 days in random. You may also exclude weekends in the variation should you prefer not to comment on weekends.

Comments Limits


(Screenshot showing the Comment limits section)


1. Set the maximum number of comments per day.  A random number will be selected between X-Y and will be used as the daily limit for that day.  You can also set the tool to gradually increase the daily limit each day until it has reached your preferred target limit.

2. Indicate the number of comments the tool will publish per hour.  SM Tasker will select a number between X-Y and use it as the hourly limit.  This value will vary on each hour.  You may choose to increase the hourly limit on a daily basis.

3. You can limit the number of comments each user will receive for the entire time that the tool is running. This option is useful when you don’t want your account to leave too many comments on the same user/channel.



(Screenshot of the Settings section on the Settings tab)


1. You have the option to shorten the URL in your comments.  This will help prevent your comment from being marked as spam by Youtube.

💡In order for this option to work, you need to configure the URL shortener settings ( or YOURLS) in Settings >Connectivity tab.

2. Check this option if you want to comment on random items from the Extracted Videos instead of picking the first one on the list.

Sources tab:

There are three source options you can use: Comment on posts by keyword, Comment on videos by URL, and Comment on User/Channel.

  • On each source, you can configure the comment text.
  • You can use spin syntax and emojis to make your comment unique and avoid getting marked as spam.

Comment on Posts by Keyword


(Screenshot of the Comment tool Sources Tab)


  • Use this option to leave comments on videos resulting from keyword search.
  • If you want to add multiple keywords, you need to separate them with a comma. (Example: car, sports cars).
  • Write your comment text in the provided box. You may also use our Spin Syntax editor to make your comments unique.
  • There are also filters like ‘Upload Date, Duration, Video, Sort By’  that you can use to narrow down the results.
  • After you add your keywords and set up your Comment text, click the “ADD INPUT” button. The keywords will be added in the table below.

✅ For all comment sources, you can also add Secondary Comments after x – y hours and you can configure the secondary comment to be posted by clicking on ‘Edit Secondary Comments’

Comment on Videos by URL


(Screenshot of the Sources Tab showing the videos by URL source option)


  • You can use this source if you want to comment on a specific video/s.  Simply add the video URLs and the tool will start leaving comments on those videos.
  • After you’ve added your comment text and video URLs, just click on the “ADD TO EXTRACTED VIDEOS” button.

Comment on User/Channel


(Screenshot of the User/Channel source option)


  • This option is useful when you want to comment on specific users/channels’ videos.
  • After adding your comment text and channel URL in the provided box, don’t forget to click on the “ADD TO COMMENT LIST” button.

Extracted Videos tab:

This is where the videos from your sources will be listed prior to the Comment action itself.


(Screenshot of the extracted videos tab)


Results tab:

  • From here, you can see the record of executed actions.
  • Information such as username, number of likes, number of comments in the video where you left the comment can be seen on the results table.
  • You may also click on Export All if you want to generate a copy of the results.
  • You can even send the comments to the Like Comments Sources tab.

(Screenshot of the Results tab)



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