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Youtube Follow Tool

If you are looking to grow your YouTube channel, then you must have known that subscribing to other channels or users can help you achieve that.  The users or channels you have subscribed to are able to see their subscribers and this can encourage them to return the favor by subscribing to yours.

While it is an effective strategy, it is also time-consuming but there is a way to make things easier for you.  SM Tasker can assist you on that task so you can focus on creating quality content for your channel.

How to use YouTube Follow Tool?

To start using the tool, go to the Tools page, click your YouTube account and click on the Follow option from the left panel menu.  This tool has four tabs: SettingsFollow SourcesExtracted Users, and Results tab.

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Settings tab

The Settings tab has two sections – Run Timers and Follow Limits

Run Timers

On this section, you can set up when the tool is going to execute actions


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1. This is the number of minutes you want the tool to wait before starting a new Follow operation.

2. Set how many channels you want to follow per operation. SM Tasker will choose the random number between 2 and 8 each operation.

3. Set the time when you want the tool to follow channels. The tool will not execute actions outside of the time you set there.

4. You can add time intervals and randomize intervals daily.

5. If you check this option, you will allow the tool to rest before starting a new operation when it has executed X-Y operations.

6. You can stop the tool for certain minutes after it has done X follows.

7. Select the days of the week when the tool will do follow actions.

💡 If you check the option “Rotate Days”, SM Tasker will use the same number of days you have initially selected and rotate it.

Example: You selected Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, on the next week, SM Tasker will select random 3 days to execute the follow action. You may also exclude weekends in the variation should you prefer not to follow on Saturdays and Sundays.

8. After setting everything up, you can easily copy all your preferred settings to other accounts. This is very useful if you are running multiple accounts, instead of setting them up one by one all you need to do is use the ‘Copy Settings’ option and choose the accounts and settings that you want to copy into other accounts.

Follow Limits

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  1. This is where you can set the Follow tool daily limit. SM Tasker will pick a random number between X-Y each day as the limit. You can also choose to increase the daily limit each day until it reaches your preferred followings count.
  2. There’s also an option to set the hourly limit. Again, a random number between X-Y will be selected as the maximum number of follows on that particular hour.
  3. If you want to set the tool to automatically stop following then start unfollowing and vice-versa, you can use the ‘Enable automatic follow/unfollow..’ option.

💡 What this option does is that it will follow users/channels until it reaches X followings, once it reaches X followings, SM Tasker will start the Unfollow tool automatically. This option is very useful when you want to set a balance between your followers and followings.

  1. This is the amount of time that the tool will scroll the page when searching for users. The more scroll time you use, the more users will be extracted for processing on each follow operation.

Follow Sources tab

From here, you can indicate the sources you want to use when searching for users or channels to subscribe to.  There are four available sources you can use

(SCREENSHOT showing the Sources Tab)


1. Follow users/channels by keyword search

If you use this source, SM Tasker will search for users/channels to follow based on the keywords you’ve added in the keywords field. It will extract channels from each keyword you added and it will be sent to the Extracted Users

2. Source – Users/Channels by videos keyword search

The difference between the “Follow users/channels by keyword search” and “Source – Users/Channels by videos keyword search” is that if you use the latter as the source, SM Tasker will search for channels to follow using the filter “Video” instead of “Channel”.  It is useful when you want to subscribe to channels that upload videos using certain keywords.

3. Follow users/channels from a provided list

If you have a list of users or channels you want to subscribe to, then you can add them to this source. Note that when adding multiple URLs, it has to be 1 URL per line

4. Follow user channels from custom URL

Use this source if you want to subscribe to the channels that are subscribed to by your target users/channels. SM Tasker will visit the Channel tab of the target user/channel, and subscribe to those channels.

5. Follow people that comment on Specified Videos

Use this source if you want to subscribe to people that comment on specific videos.  After adding valid URLs you can go ahead and click ‘ADD TO VIDEOS LIST’ then all those URLs will be added in the Index table below it.

Extracted Users tab

This is the tab where are extracted users are sent to and the tool utilizes this list when following users.

✅ You don’t have to click Extract Now the Sources tab. If the Extracted Users tab is empty, an extraction will be scheduled automatically to extract users from the sources you’ve added in Follow Sources tab.

(SCREENSHOT showing the extracted users Tab)


Results tab

 All followed users or channels are recorded in the Result tab. You can also export the results by clicking Export All.


(SCREENSHOT showing the Results tab)



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