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Youtube Like Tool

Gathering ” likes ” play an important role in the field of YouTube marketing. If your video has many likes, you will get higher search rank and it will result in more views as well as the potential to gain subscribers to your channel.

SM Tasker’s YouTube Like tool helps you search for videos based on different sources and automatically like them.  While the YouTube Like tool does not directly increase your likers, it can encourage other users to whom you’ve given likes to return the favor.

How does YouTube Like tool work?

To start using the Like tool on your YouTube account, navigate to Tools tab, click the Like action of the account or click More Tools then go to Like tab.

The Like tool has three sub-tabs: Settings, Sources, and Results


(Screenshot showing the tabs we have on the Like tool)


Settings tab

This is the tab where you can set up how the tool is going to execute like actions as well as the tool limits. In the Settings tab, you will find two sections: Run Timers and Like Limits.

Run Timers section

On the Run Timers section, you can set up how many like actions you want the tool to do and choose the time when you want the tool to execute the actions.


(screenshot showing the Settings tab)


  1. The wait time before each new operation – this is the number of minutes you want the tool to wait before starting a new operation.
  2. Like between X and Y posts per operation – indicate how many videos you want to like per operation. SM Tasker will pick a random number between the values you set for each operation.
  3. Add random sleep time – if you check this option, you will allow the tool to rest before starting a new operation when it has executed X operations.
  4. Execute between X and Y – set the time when you want the tool to like videos. The tool will not execute actions outside of the time you set here.
  5. Days of the week when to operate – choose the days of the week when the tool will do like actions.

💡 If you check the option “Rotate Days”, SM Tasker will use the same number of days you have initially checked and rotate it.  Additionally, you may opt to exclude weekends in the variation should you prefer not to like any videos on the weekends.

  1. If you are managing multiple YouTube accounts and want to use the same settings across all of them, you can use use the Copy Settings button.  Just click it, select your target accounts and check the settings you want to copy to all the accounts.

Like Limits section

 On the Like Limits section, you can set how many maximum likes you want the tool to execute per day and per hour.


(screenshot of the like limits section)


  1. This is where you can set the Like tool daily limit. SM Tasker will choose a random number between X-Y each day as the limit.
  2. There is also an option to set the Like tool’s hourly limit. SM Tasker will pick a random number between X-Y each hour and use that as the maximum number of likes on that particular hour.

Sources tab

SM Tasker needs sources to find videos to like. You’ll have to add at least one source in the Sources tab to start the Like tool. There are three source options you can use:

Like Posts by Keywords


(screenshot of the like posts by keyword search source)


  • SM Tasker will search for videos to like using those keywords. Add your keywords in the provided box. For multiple keywords, you need to separate them with a comma (Example: home, home design, room design).
  • There are also filters you can use to narrow down the results. Those filters are Upload Date, Duration, Video, Sort By. They work just like when you normally search for videos on YouTube.

Like specific posts based on URL


(screenshot of source like specific posts based on URL)


  • Use this option if you have a list of video URLs you want to like. To add multiple URLs at once, you need to separate the URLs with a new line (hit return/enter key after each URL).
  • After you add the URLs in the provided box, click Add to Like List button, and the URLs will be added to the table. There’re also options to export and import the video URLs.

Like from specific User/Channel


(screenshot of the source like from specific user/channel)


  • Use this option to like videos from specific users/channels.
  • Click Add to Like List button after you added the channel URLs, and the URLs will be added to the table.

Results tab

In the Results tab, you will see the videos you automatically liked based on the sources you used. You can export the results by clicking on EXPORT ALL.


(screenshot of the results tab)



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