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Youtube Watch Video Tool

The goal of each YouTuber is to bring in a lot of views on their videos.  It validates the popularity of the video as well as how many times it has been viewed on unique IPs.  When the video has a fair amount of views, YouTube will increase its ranking, thus your video will get more traffic.

With a lot of competition, being creative and entertaining on your videos is not enough to boost your ranking, you need to be resourceful and give your work a nudge.  For starters, you can create multiple YouTube accounts that will interact with your main account and use SM Tasker Watch Video tool on your accounts.

How to use Watch Video tool?

To begin using the tool, go to Tools page > click the YouTube account where you will run the tool on > click Watch Video from the list of available YouTube tools.  The Watch Video Tool tab has four subtabs: Settings, Sources, Extracted Videos, and Results.


(Screenshot showing Watch Video Settings tab)


Settings tab

There are two sections in the Settings tab: Run Timers and Settings

Run Timers section:

The Run Timers section is where you set-up the general behavior of the tool


(Screenshot showing Run Timers section)


1. Set the wait time. SM Tasker will pick a random number between X and Y then use it as the wait time before starting a new operation.

2. Indicate the daily limit and hourly limit of the tool. You can set how many videos will be processed per day and per hour.

  • For the daily limit, a random number between X and Y will be selected each day and will be used as the limit for that day.
  • You may also opt to set the number of videos you want to watch per hour to your preference.
  • If you don’t want to set a daily or hourly limit, you can leave X and Y to 0 (zero)
  • There is also an option to increase the daily limit and hourly limit with X until it reaches your preferred limit.

3. Set the time when you want the account to watch videos. The tool will not execute actions outside of the time you set here.

4. Choose the days of the week when the tool will watch videos.

  • You can select your preferred days or choose to “Rotate Days” to make it random.
  • On rotating days, SM Tasker will use the same number of days you have initially selected and rotate it. For instance, you selected Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On the following week, random 3 days will be selected from the days of the week.
  • You may decide to exclude weekends in the variation if you don’t want to watch any video on weekends.

Settings section:

From this section, you can either set what percentage of the video OR how many seconds the tool will watch the video. The longer you watch the video the better. It will increase the retention time and help your video rank higher.


(Screenshot Settings section on the Settings Tab)


Sources tab

There are three available sources that you can use when searching for videos:

Keywords Search

Enter the keywords on the text box (separated by commas), then you can also specify to remove the links after X – Y views.


(Screenshot of the Sources Tab showing the keyword search source)


View Specific Videos

  • You can use this source if you already have a list of video URLs.
  • All you need to do is add the URLs into the designated box then click on “Add to Extracted Videos” button and it will appear on the designated table.
  • There is an option to “Remove links after X-Y view” which is very useful if you don’t want SM Tasker to watch the same video more than X times.

(Screenshot of the View specific videos source option)


Watch Videos from User/Channel

  • When you use this source, the tool will extract video URLs from the user/channel added as the source and send those URLs to the ‘View Specific Users’ sources table once the tool is started.

(Screenshot of the watch videos from user/channel source option)


Extracted Users tab

The videos extracted from the Sources you’ve indicated will be listed on this page. Here, you can still set if you want to remove the link after X – Y views. You can also visit the link by clicking on ‘Browse’, you can also either Copy the link or Delete it from the list.


(Screenshot of the extracted videos Tab)


Results tab

This is where all completed actions are recorded.

  • It will display the video URLs that have been watched processed.
  • The date when the video was watched
  • Actions whether to delete, browse (open from an external browser), browse embedded (open in SM Tasker’s embedded browser), or to copy the URL.
  • You can also Delete All results or Export All into a CSV file.


(Screenshot of the Results Tab)

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